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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Today's lesson: it doesn't matter how well you prepare, there are always forces greater than yourself. Despite 15 months of legwork, I find myself having to announce some majors changes to our trip.

First, Jim Newcomb has fallen ill and will not be able to attend. Luckily, we have another well qualified and enthusiastic instructor available in Deb Dunlop (second from right):

Jim will be missed, especially his knowledge of marine biology, but Deb brings a wealth of experience and a great knowledge of botany that will certainly come in handy. Feel better soon, Jim!

Second, the impending snowstorm has canceled our flight. And, despite great effort on my part, Delta cannot rebook our group to depart until Sunday morning. What a bummer! Between the large size of this storm and the large size of our group, it appears that an earlier departure is not possible. I am working on extending our stay in Belize an extra two days on the back end for those students who are available, so that is something.

I think our mantra for this trip will have to be "Roll with it!" I feel bad about the delay, but as I said at the top of this post, there are powers greater than ourselves at work!

Stay tuned for more updates as I have them...


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