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Friday, January 14, 2011

And we're off!

(Note to self: Try to avoid ending every blog post title with an exclamation point!)
Greetings from Dallas / Ft. Worth International Airport. A bit early on our journey for a blog update, I agree, but I have no idea when we will next have reliable Internet access. So I figured I’d take this opportunity to let everyone know that we all departed successfully. We met at the Simon Center at 4AM. The setting was appropriate, about 8 degrees with snow piled high:

No one will be sad to trade that weather for the weather in Belize (currently: 72F). Thank you to Mark Mitch and Maria Colby of New England College for volunteering to be van drivers to/from Logan. We met some additional students there, checked all our bags, negotiated security (everything takes a long time when you have a group of 18!) and made it to our gate as boarding was underway. Our seats were scattered throughout the plane, but some were together:

After a 4.5 hour flight, we landed in Dallas. We have about an hour break before the 3 hour flight to Belize. We’re all very psyched to be off!

Hopefully I can update the blog soon from Belize, but I don’t actually know the Internet situation down there. Until then, thanks for reading and for supporting NECBelize!


  1. Wow! Enjoy the nice weather when you get there. Safe Travels!

  2. Loving the blog - it's a very exciting trip for everyone - and we're following every move -thanks for the photos, they're amazing. Have Fun! And keep adding the exclamation marks!