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Thursday, January 12, 2017

The coolest thing I saw in/on the water was …
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Catching a white spotted octopus that crawled up my arm, changing color along the way – Elizabeth

I highly enjoyed being able to feed the Tarpon off the dock at Caye Cauker. It was funny with the pelicans trying to take the bait away from the Tarpon.-Taylor

While at shark ray ally getting to feed a blue tang and a southern sting ray.- Emily G
  Getting in the water first with the Nurse sharks and shooting good video of them. Also having the chance to hand feed them.-Chris
While at shark ray alley, getting into the water as soon as we got there to see nurse sharks and rays all around me.    -Jess
Swimming with the sharks, fish, and especially stingrays at Shark Ray Alley and having them swim towards me and all around us for an extended amount of time.  – Ashlynn
As soon as we got in for the night dive Siete was in and he showed us a Balloon Pufferfish, I got to hold it and it was super cute and way softer than I thought it was going to be. – Tara
Swimming with a spotted eagle ray swimming right beneath me, it looked like I was riding the ray like a glider.- Travis
Swimming down to the opening of Mexico Rocks Cave was my favorite part of the trip. There were hundreds of fish guarding the cave entrance.   - Matt

The coolest thing I saw was when we were snorkeling at Mexico rocks and looked up to see a green sea turtle that was swimming by us!-Ainsley
Got to touch a White spotted octopus during the night swim-Megan

Finding and holding a pin cushion sea star the first snorkel we went on – Emily

Swimming with the octopus in my hand for 20 minutes during the night snorkel. I guess it liked me, and just wouldn’t let go. – Will

Swimming with a green sea turtle for the first time because it’s my favorite animal. -Christina

I loved swimming with the stingrays and the green sea turtle!- Alexa

Seeing a Blue tang at coral gardens. I loved being able to see Dori in person. -Jasmine

Seeing a nurse shark in person for the very first time at coral gardens – Daffney

Watching a friendly octopus hitch a ride on a student’s arm for 20 minutes as we swam around during our night dive on Tuffy Reef, and then being able to hold it myself.  - Eric


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