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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day 1 - 1/8/2015 - Atlanta

We're on our way!

I awoke at 3:30AM to discover that the temperature outside was -7F and falling!

We met at the Science Building at 4:15AM and loaded ourselves and our bags into two NEC buses (thanks Dan and Zane!). We drove to Manchester airport, arriving about 1:45 before our flights, which proved to be just enough time to get us all checked in, our bags loaded, through security, and onto the plane. We were the last to board, but I figure with 21 of us, they weren't likely to leave without us.

Many of us took the opportunity to catch up on some sleep.

We arrived in Atlanta early and are now awaiting our next flight to Belize City.

For this class, all students must be able to identify 69 species by sight. Many students took this opportunity to study for our species ID quiz (bless their hearts!), which takes place tonight:

What are students excited about?
On the flight down, students filled in this blank:

In Belize, I am excited to…
  • Night dive and return with a nice tan, not a sun burn. (SS)
  • See sharks and night snorkel. (BC)
  • Go snorkeling and enjoy the water. (DG)
  • See the turtles and warm weather. (DB)
  • Be in warm weather and be in the water all day! (RA)
  • Swim with sting rays, the hot weather and starting my final semester off right. (GH)
  • Do it all again. (MO)
  • That lobster dinner. (GK)
  • Explore the wonders that this Earth has to offer. (RR)
  • Have fun, make memories, snorkel, and bask in the warm weather. (KDG)
  • To learn what other cultures/countries have to offer. To enjoy and experience a different lifestyle, culture, and land. (HL)
  • Experience a different country, and to get away from the New Hampshire weather for a while. (KO)
  •  Learn and experience a new culture, the food, warm weather, and snorkeling of course! (MS)
  •  Hopefully swim with sharks, go snorkeling, and to experience a new culture. (DP)
  •  Pretty much excited about everything. I especially really want to see blue hole. (MZ)
  • Besides snorkeling I really want to experience their culture, i.e. local restaurants and bars. I hope to meet some locals who are willing to take me fishing off shore for an hour or so. (DG)
  •  I’m looking forward to getting my feet into the water. And then jumping right in! Very excited to see turtles. (MH)
  • (SS):

Since Internet access is never fully reliable in Belize, I figured I'd take this opportunity to wish everyone well back home! Everyone is well and happy and excited here.

Next post from Belize...

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