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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Snorkeling practice at the YMCA

Last night was a vital test for our class: Can you swim? Can you stick your face in the water without freaking out? It seemed like a good idea to find out before we go to Belize, eh?

So off we went to the Manchester YMCA. We were met by Dick and Judy of Diver's Den Dive Shop, who made sure everyone was properly equipped and then gave us basic lessons on how to use the gear:

And then it was in the pool! Everyone did really well, quickly adapting to the new equipment, figuring how to dive, ascend, and clear the snorkel:

Then we swam practice laps around the pool, and everyone had to pass a "test" to prove they were comfortable. Everyone made a good showing.

Big thumbs up all around! Next snorkeling stop: the practice pool at Belize Marine TREC!

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